Saving energy
(öffentlich) Medienpaket der Siemens Stiftung für die Sekundarstufe





Produktionsland: Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Serientitel: Siemens Stiftung
Serienuntertitel: Siemens Stiftung OER
Kurzinhalt: Die Materialien sind auch in deutscher Sprache im Lernobjekt "Energiesparen" verfügbar (siehe "Auswahl verwandter Medien").
At the beginning of the 21st century, energy saving has become a topic of global significance in view of the scarcity of resources and climate change.
This media package is a themed compilation of several media files for use in the class with which you can deal particularly with the topic of everyday energy saving. The media package comprises several overview graphics with data on energy consumption and energy saving tips. Two interactive information modules on topics such as energy saving light bulbs explain modern energy-saving concepts. Apart from several teaching and project ideas on energy saving in various areas (household, lighting, transportation and school) the package also contains a student experiment for identifying “electricity hogs". These media are suitable for use in science and technology lessons as well as for economics instruction.
Adressaten: Allgemeinbildende Schule
Sachgebiete: - Physik -> Bilingualer Unterricht
- Geographie -> Bilingualer Unterricht
- Wirtschaft-Recht-Technik -> Technik
- Umweltgefährdung, Umweltschutz -> Energie
Schlagworte: Siemens Stiftung, OER, Energie, energy, experimentation

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Guideline for the “Saving energy” media package (pdf) (235 kB)
Mind map: “Energy saving” (jpg) (131 kB)
Teaching idea: “Energy saving (group work, student instructions)” (pdf) (27 kB)
Teaching methods: “Energy saving (group work, teacher information)” (pdf) (145 kB)
Matching exercise: “Everyday energy consumption” (swf) (444 kB)
Interactive graphic: “Food production – ‘Energy hog’” (swf) (282 kB)
Link list: “Saving energy” (pdf) (99 kB)
Chart: “How long will our energy sources last” (jpg) (66 kB)
Information sheet: “An overview of energy sources” (pdf) (152 kB)
Chart: “Global primary energy consumption” (jpg) (70 kB)
Chart: “Global energy supply – future development” (jpg) (48 kB)
Matching exercise: “Energy consumption – comparison between countries” (swf) (95 kB)
Chart: “What do private households use energy for?” (jpg) (111 kB)
Experimentation instructions: “Tracking down ‘energy hogs’ (student instructions)” (pdf) (191 kB)
Chart: “Energy consumption of household appliances” (jpg) (73 kB)
Teaching methods: “Tracking down ‘energy hogs’ (teacher information)” (pdf) (205 kB)
Answer sheet: “Tracking down ‘energy hogs’” (pdf) (117 kB)
Inquiry task: “My everyday energy demand" (pdf) (30 kB)
Interactive graphic: “Communication costs energy” (swf) (185 kB)
Worksheet: “Energy comparison of means of transport" (pdf) (120 kB)
Teaching methods: “Energy comparison of means of transport (teacher information)” (pdf) (146 kB)
Photo: “Waste of energy” (jpg) (376 kB)
Photo: “Energy efficiency class” (jpg) (723 kB)
Photo collage: “Everyday energy-saving lighting” (jpg) (321 kB)
Matching exercise: “How can you save energy at home?” (swf) (99 kB)
Labeled graphic (interactive): “The passive house” (swf) (97 kB)
Graphic: “Means of lighting in comparison” (jpg) (105 kB)
Schematic diagram: “Energy saving as an energy source” (jpg) (125 kB)
DOC-Files (zip) (340 kB)